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The Premier League, often referred to as the English Premier League or the EPL outside England, is the top level of the English football league system. Contested by 20 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the English Football League (EFL). Seasons run from August to May with each team playing 38 matches (playing all 19 other teams both home and away).

A former investor relations rep says simply that it's..."Rotten to the core. If you don’t fit in your met with silence!! Upper management [at Premier League] are very selective of who they like and therefore who they will speak to! Overall experience leaves many disappointed. Avoid!"

Aidy Murph says about the app the EPL maintains, "How can I give this more than 1 star when I cant even use the [Premier League]' app? Even when I complete the sign in it STILL doesn't let me use fantasy. Then when I try it again it says something like error email already being used by another user. Overall it isn't terrible but what's the point of having the app when you can even use what it's mainly there for? Shambles"


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Aaron Norris says

"They have made so many of their own silly rules it is no longer football ask any fan they have interfered with it so much most people who used to enjoy watching football no longer do, it is not something anyone who has a real idea of what football is would watch now its over, it will continue to decline because no one can be held accountable i dont know what this game is anymore but i will no longer watch it im discusted with what has happened to the game i used to enjoy so much its wrong!"

Steve Owen, Bewdley says

"I see the EPL as 6 cartel clubs getting their own way. THIS HAS TO BE MORE CORRUPT THAT FIFA. Mongering to Qatar and Bein sport. Masters is a disgrace. Zero equal competition."

George Lamb says

"Zero games on sky. Take over blocked. Zero answers. Totally corrupt. I have had a season ticket at NUFC for 19 years and no more. Gave up and good riddence."

Dave Cunningham says

"bias, favour the so called big 6, ruined English football."

Steve Fellows says

"Sponsors of a corrupt english premier… Sponsors of a corrupt english premier league and by sponsoring the premier league have helped surpress Newcastle United. Additionally the premier league have the backing of a corrupt nation called Qatar, who also back terrorism."

Alex says

"Corrupt organisation refuses to communicate with fans and makes fans look stupid."

Micky Porter says

"Corrupt and incompitent only getting one star as I cant give 0"

Jonathan Gibbons says

"Corrupt, immoral and disgraceful organisation."

Darren Lynch says

"Corrupt organisation Customer service is terrible Never replies to questions"

Chris Gordon says

"The premier league is corrupt and fails to respond to requests from the prime minister, 50 members of Parliament and over 100k people that sign a petition. They have close links to Qatar and are not a genuine company."

Sazdaz says

"The premier League has allowed itself to be corrupted. It favours the top 6 teams and act on the say so of Qatar. The premier League has denied Newcastle United a much needed new owner and has refused to explain its actions. This denial of the takeover has cost the north east of England 100s of million pounds in investment to its infrastructure and had denied it's people much needed jobs."

Gary Moore says

"Is this the most corrupt self centred business in the UK. The baby Richard Masters is stuck to the feeding teat of Qatar paymasters & cant get off it to tell the fan in the street what a corrupt tow rag he is . SACK THE BOARD !!!"

kink kee7 says

"Newcastle fans deserve answers from the Premier League as to why the proposed takeover was abandoned. Richard Masters and the Premier League are both corrupt."

Robbie Burns says

"Mr masters is a crook"

Alan says

"Corruption at its finest. Provide a service for the paying customer, but don’t care about customer"

George Sancaster says

"All the fans of premier"

Callum Seaton says

"Corrupt pieces of trash."

Simon Kennedy says

"Corrupt and no transparency from an organisation that takes money from various different organisations and then portrays to support mental health of all connected to the game whether this be players to supporters and yet the treatment of all fans with how they conduct their business especially in light of the Newcastle United take over has demonstrated that they have no connection or substance to back up such support of mental health, which in reality should be at the forefront of all modern business but yet they can't even get this correct with there non existant communications, hidden agendas and also corruption of being led by other entities to ensure a fair process is followed and completed. Corrupt to the core and disgraceful abuse of power to remain silent."

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